Ruben Guthrie, familiar stories and Lido Cinemas


What was the last Australian film you saw?

I took myself off to the brand new Lido Cinema in Hawthorn to see an advanced screening of a new Aussie film, Ruben Guthrie, based on the play of the same name. The film stars Patrick Brammall, who you will likely recognise from The Moodys, Upper Middle Bogan, and Glitch, among other things. The play and the film were written and directed by  writer/actor Brendan Cowell (Love My Way, Beneath Hill 60, I Love You Too) and both he and Patrick joined us at the end for a Q&A session about the film.

Ruben Guthrie is the story of a Sydney based advertising creative director who jumps off the roof of his house and into the pool during a celebratory bender, breaks his arm and his supermodel girlfriend leaves him. She tells him that if he can give up alcohol for one year, he can come and find her, but not before.

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