All my heroes are villains

Good villains are underrated.

Maybe it’s a bad boy complex, or perhaps a little preoccupation with the darker side of humanity, but so many of my favourite characters in pop culture have been villains, or at the very least, walked the precarious line between good and evil.

From the booming voice of Jeremy Irons as Scar in The Lion King, to my current favourite TV bad guy, Kilgrave in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the characters that have fascinated and captivated me more than most are the hell raisers.


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June: New releases & returns

This is the first of what I intend to be a monthly post where I share a few things that are either a new release, or a series return, or maybe even an event for the month. June marks the start of the northern summer, so over the next six weeks we’ll see a whole lot of new and returning TV in the USA, as well as the summer blockbuster movie season. Needless to say there’s plenty to look forward to for screen junkies. Continue reading