Mad Men Series Finale: Person to Person

Not how it ended, but I would have been into that

It’s a sad inevitability that all good things must come to an end. This old adage does indeed apply to our favourite TV series, and that day came around for Mad Men fans worldwide earlier this week. We farewelled Don Draper and the various characters connected to him through his personal life or the the advertising world and received resolutions (of sorts) for most of the people we’ve┬ácome to feel as if we know over the last seven seasons.

If you’re still reading, and you haven’t seen the final episode of Mad Men, and you do intend to watch it, stop now. It’s great and I don’t want it to be spoiled for you.

If you’re still with me, then I’m going to guess that you HAVE watched episode fourteen, or you don’t care about spoilers. This would make you one of about three people on the internet who don’t. It seems right now that spoilers are basically the worst thing you could do to another person. The actual worst. And maybe it’s got something to do with how little surprise we have in our lives these days. You can discover anything you want to know by pushing some buttons on your smart phone, everything you might want to do has probably been done by someone before and they’ve written about it online, and access to this information plays to our love of immediacy and knowing everything that is happening RIGHT NOW. Good entertainment promises the allure of a decent surprise or big reveal, so I guess when someone takes that away from you it’s probably understandable that it makes you want to hit them with a chair. There’s so little opportunity to experience it anywhere else.

Mad Men has been a story not only about the incredible characters, but also about the 1960s, so I was pleased to see that we ended around October 1970, rather than heading any further into the next decade. Continue reading